The industrial park is located in the outskirts of the town, and can be accessed either from Road 10 along road 117 - the so-called Suzuki Road - without having to drive through the town, or from Budapest via Dobogókő. The park possesses a railway loading station. Only 3 kilometers from the park is a smaller airport. Due to its location by the banks of the River Danube, riverine transportation is also available, while the park’s closeness to the Slovakian Republic due to the Maria Valéria Bridge also provides great business opportunities.
Since the bridge cannot used by vehicles of more weight than 3,5 tonns, a separate ferry port is being built. The inner road system of the park is being developed, after completion; it will deter traffic from residential areas. The electricity system operates at 50 percent exploitage. Gas pipes and sewage facilities have already been installed along the entire park.
The cultural and tourist background of the town provides high standard leisure activities for businesses in the park and visiting partners.

Businesses in the area and further possibilities

Businesses in the Industrial Park can be divided into two groups: those concerned with the automobile industry and business engaged in other technologies.
The center of automobile industry is the Magyar Suzuki Rt., whose distributors are present in the area. To complement the picture, there is also an enterprise that specializes in recycling wastes.
Other businesses are also significant, engaging in useful procedures and making high quality products or providing high standard services.
We welcome all businesses which, taking advantage of the possibilities, and using the trust and support of the town, intend to work successfully.
75-80%of thhe available area is utilized.